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old milk churn. milk measures. eggs. eggs in bowl. still life. traditional style. original artwork.

The Old Churn

The centerpiece of this captivating acrylic masterpiece is an aged milk churn, weathered by time and memories. Its rusted exterior tells stories of bygone days when the countryside echoed with the lowing of cows and the rhythm of daily milkings.

As you gaze upon this painting, you'll be transported to a world where the past and present converge. The churn stands proudly, a sentinel of nostalgia, its dented surface bears witness to the countless gallons of creamy, fresh milk it once cradled, now relegated to the annals of history.

Yet, in this poignant scene, there's a twist of whimsy that captivates the soul. The milk churn may have retired from service, but the eggs in the foreground promise a delightful breakfast. 

This original acrylic pointing encapsulates the bittersweet beauty of change and time's relentless march. It invites you to savour the moments when we pause to remember the past and anticipate the future.  leaving you with a warm sense of nostalgia and the anticipation of a delightful breakfast.

Original artwork painted

in acrylics on canvas board.

12" X 16"

(30cm X 38cm)


incl Post (UK only

for outside UK please

email for details) 

Click on the picture

to see more detail

The Old Churn looks even more impressive framed


The frames shown here are for display only and are not included BUT..... If you would like to buy the picture in one of the frames shown, e-mail me for a price indicating which frame you would like

The Old Churn looks even more impressive framed


beautiful in any location
Looks good wherever
Tony Legg

Not all computer monitors are calibrated the same. Colours may display differently on your monitor. 

I do my best to make sure the colours shown on the artworks is identical to the original, however due to photograhic conditions small variations in colour can and will occur. The images on the website are as accurate as possible. However, different monitors may cause colours to vary slightly.

All artworks come with a Certificate of authenticity.

All sizes given are appropriate

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