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Tony Legg.

Tony grew up in rural Wiltshire, surrounded by nature and agriculture which inspired him to capture the landscape and changing light using mixed media.

Later in life, moving to Torquay he became a member of The Devon Guild of Artists and found the inspiration focused more on seascapes, capturing crashing waves, sailing boats and the movement of the wind using oils.

Now living with his partner Josie in Bronte Country in West Yorkshire, and after a long absence from his easel, at the age of 79 (I'm sure he won't my me saying) has picked up his paint brush again and  has begun to focus more on local scenes, capturing the mood of the high Street in Howarth and on trips to Robins Hood Bay as well as further afield in watercolour. Tony has always been a great admirer of the Old Masters, and has created his own versions using acrylics. All of which you can see on his site here.

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